Take out the popcorn, sit back and watch how amazing a movie party can be. What else could be better than spending some time with your favorite people, watching films you love! Whether young or old, a movie themed birthday is always a great idea. Try using these invitation wordings for added fun. 

movie party invitation wording

Movie Party Invitation Wording Samples

1. Make like movie theaters and use a ticket type of invite with this:


Join us for Movie Night 

When: April 3, Sunday

Where:  554 Juniper Drive

Time: 8 PM 

RSVP to Cornelia 989-813-9273

2. Make an announcement just like in movie posters:

Presenting: A Movie Party!

Starring Janet in her 18th Birthday 

Premiere date: April 3, Sunday

Cinema location: 554 Juniper Drive

Screening time 8pm

RSVP the Executive Producer at 123-456-7890

3. Be your own director with this creative wording:

Lights... Camera... Action!

Join us for a Movie Party on April 3, Sunday

8 o'click in the evening

at 554 Juniper Drive

Don't forget to bring your own popcorn!

Regrets only to Cornelia 123-456-7890

4. Let everyone know about the presentation that you’re hosting:

It’s Show Time! Janet is turning 18 Join her for some fun and movies Head to 554 Juniper Drive On April 3, Sunday At 8 o’clock in the evening Save a Seat!  989-813-9273

A little rhyme always perks up any kind of movie party invitation wording. 

It’s time for a movie party. You should be excited Because you are invited! Come over to 554 Juniper Drive On April 03, Sunday At 8 PM RSVP Cornelia 989-813-9273

Make a grand announcement with this last wording idea. 

FEATURE PRESENTATION Janet’s 18th Birthday Join us for a night of movies and fun On April 3, Sunday At  554 Juniper Drive 8 PM Ticket Reservations through Cornelia 989-813-9273