Pool parties are popular as summer get-together and birthday celebration. No matter what type of pool parties you are preparing, we will have a wording suggestion to get your started. Enjoy! 

Pool Party Invitation Wording Samples

1. Classic Pool Party with Food

For a classic pool party in the summer in which cocktails and finger foods are served, you can word your party invitation with something like this:

Let’s make a splash

To celebrate the summer time

Join us poolside

for cocktail, food and sun! 

Saturday, August 10, 4-6pm

The Hopkins Residence

456 McKennel Drive 

RSVP by July 28 to

Stephanie at 234.567.8901

2. Celebrating End of School

If your teenager is throwing a party, then he/she will probably like something humorous:

Let’s Throw A Party

To Celebrate… School’s Out For The Summer! 

Saturday, August 10, 1-5pm

Our Backyard Pool

456 McKennel Drive RSVP to Stephanie

at 234.567.8901 by July 28

3. For Hot Days

If you are thinking of a summer party for everyone to chill out at the  poolside, here is a general pool party invitation wording idea that you  may find useful:

The sun is hot… the water’s cool…

Won’t you join us in our pool! 

Saturday, August 10, noon- 3pm

Alex and Andrea’s Place

456 McKennel Drive Lunch & dessert will be served 

RSVP to Andrea at 234.567.8901 by July 28

4. Kids' Pool Parties

Pool parties are popular theme for birthday celebration because the activity  is loved by kids and adults alike. For your upcoming pool birthday  party you can consider these pool party invitation wording:

Splish splash, it’s a birthday bath.

Come get soaked, we’ll swim and play

as we celebrate Matt’s first birthday.

Bring your suit and towel,

we’ll take care of the rest.

This pool party will be the best! Come Join

Matt’s 8th Birthday Party Saturday, August 10, 3-5pm

Matt’s Backyard

456 McKennel Drive 

RSVP to mommy Stephanie at 234.567.8901 by July 28

5. Another Pool Party Invitation Wording Idea for Kids

Here is another version that will be suitable for active boys and girls who loves a splashy pool party:

Boys and Girls

Come take a plunge

To enjoy the summer sun

Bring your suits and towels

We will have lots of fun! 

Let’s celebrate

Maida’s 7th birthday 

August 10 (Saturday) 2-4pm

Greene Park Clubhouse

456 McKennel Drive 

Regrets to Stephanie at 234.567.8901

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