Bowling parties are great for little kids, teen siblings, mom and dad and even grannies! If you expect a big family gathering in the upcoming  celebration, then a bowling party bash would be a great idea. Here are some suggestions on how to word your party invitation to get you started. 

5 Bowling Party Invitation Wording Samples

1. Class Bowling Parties

Here is our first bowling party invitation wording suggestions: 

Spare time to

Strike up some fun at

Andy’s 5th birthday bash! 

Saturday, Oct 14, 2-4pm

Super Alley

678 Silverstone Blvd

RSVP Stephanie at 567.890.1234 by Oct 1

2. Rhyming Bowling Party Wording Idea for Kids

Here is another rhyming one:

Strike, spare and gutter balls

We don’t care

Just tell us you will be there!

Josh’s 7th Birthday Party 

October 14th (Saturday) 1pm

Lunch & Cake

Andy’s place

678 Silverstone Drive 

RSVP to Mommy Stephanie at 567.890.1234

By October 1st

3. Short and Sweet 

Check out this short and sweet suggestion for a child’s birthday:

We’ll Bowl You Away with

Andy’s 7th Birthday Bash! 

Bowling will start after 

Food & Cake 

RSVP to Andy’s mom at 567.890.1234 by Oct 1

4. Bowling and Dinner Party

Another longer bowling party invitation wording idea:

Let’s Get This Rolling

With an Afternoon of Fantastic Bowling 

Join us for Andy’s 8th birthday party 

When the clock “strikes” 6pm

Saturday, Oct 14

Riverside Bowling Center

678 Silverstone Blvd 

We’ll have dinner, cake and loads of fun! 

RSVP at 567.890.1234 to

Stephanie (Andy’s mum) by Oct 1

5. Exciting Celebration for All Ages

Love this fun-loving suggestion that catches the spirit of any bowling parties:

Roll on over

As there’s no time to “spare”

We are going bowling and we want you there! 

Let’s celebrate

Andy’s 3rd birthday Saturday, Oct 14

Monkey Gym

678 Silverstone Blvd 

Get ready to eat lots of junk

And bowl the day away! 

RSVP at 567.890.1234 to Stephanie by Oct 1

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