Tumbling, jumping, running and other physical activities are always much loved by kids. Imagine putting together a party with these gym activities in mind.  A tumbling gym party will surely bring a lot of fun and  excitement to any birthday celebration. Try these invitation wordings  for some added fun. 

Gymnastics Party Invitation Wording Samples

1. Simple Cute Wording Idea

Have a lot of activities planned? This gymnastics party invitation wording will work well:

Get ready to

Run, flip and rumble

Britney is turning 11!

Tumble over to 36 Grand Avenue

On February 14, Friday 3 PM

Regrets 407-691-0395 Gina

2. For Preteen Gymnasts

Older kids may want something simpler, but still theme oriented:

Come and Hang Out with me

We’ll totally have fun at my party! 

When: February 14, Friday

Where: 36 Grand Avenue

Time: 3 PM 

RSVP Gina (407) 691 0395

3. Creative Wording

Here is a creative way to use tumbling  gym related wording:

Britney is tumbling to 11

Jump, skip and celebrate with her

On February 14, Wednesday

Cartwheel over to 36 Grand Avenue

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon 

Call Gina for regrets (407) 691 0395

4. Funny Gymnastics Party Invitation Wording

Here’s another gymnastics party invitation wording that is bursting with energy:

It’s Britney Jane’s 6th Birthday!

Come hang out and play

We’ll bounce and tumble

Til our tummies grumble! 

Food and drinks will be provided as well

36 Grand Avenue, 3 PM

Wednesday, February 14 

Call Gina for regrets (407) 691 0395

5. For the Queen of Rhyme

Rhymes always add an extra fun touch to any wording:

Britney’s about to flip

From 10 to 11

Come bounce, tumble and skip

On her special day 

Fun starts  at 3 PM so

Make your way to 36 Grand Avenue

On February 14, Wednesday 

See You There! 

RSVP Gina (407) 691 0395

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gymnastics party invitation wording

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